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United Kingdom / Oxford

Type: Closed Locations
Architect: CheekyTiki Ltd
Built: 2008
Interior Design: CheekyTiki Ltd
Address: 42-43 Park End Street
City: OX1 1JD Oxford
Metro: near Oxford Rail Station
T: ++ 44(0) 01865 240 020 English
Open: closed
Closed: forever

Kukui has announced that after three years at the forefront of Oxfordís clubbing scene, it is closing down. The club has been a favourite with Oxford students since its launch in September 2008. The closing party on Saturday was advertised as a "closing down sale. Everything must go." When Cherwell asked why the club has decided to close down, Kukui representatives declined to respond. However, the declining popularity of their "Juice" student nights on Tuesdays coincided with Cameraís launch of Blues Tuesdays. An inside source also conjectured, "after the mid-week student nights lost momentum, despite the immense popularity of weekend events such as Passport to Paradise on Saturdays, the operation was simply not economically viable given the high rent the proprietors were paying for the lease of the property." Lucy Crane, a diehard Teddy Hall Kukui fan, grieved its loss. She said, "What am I going to do now without the entertainment of the glowing pufferfish after I realise a the fit boys in the club have girlfriends?" However, another studentís Facebook read "VIP in Kukui is a bit like sitting in Sudanís airport lounge, not a surprise itís closing."

Kukui Kukui Kukui Kukui Kukui

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